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Frame protectors for mountain bikes

POLYETHYLENE PROTECTIONS Hot thermoformed under vacuum, with hand finish, RECYCLED

"I manufacture tailor-made protections adapted to each mountain bike. An imprint has been taken on all the models on the site because they are all different and all have their specificities, frame size (S, M, L, XL) materials (aluminum, carbon, steel, titanium), wheel size (26 P, 27.5 P, 29 P), and years.

The protections are made of black polyethylene. I chose to use this material for two reasons:

- on the one hand because it is recyclable in recycling centers

-on the other hand it is an indestructible material which withstands all mistreatment, unlike composite materials which are beautiful, but much more fragile

For 3 years I have developed the 'EAP' (Espace-Air-Protect) concept with the aim of making my products as efficient as possible for my most sporty customers. This device is placed in its most exposed lower part of the frame. For e-bikes this concept is very interesting, the motor being placed very low and the socket exposed, means that during large impacts, the association with foam protects the frame, the motor and the socket from breakage. With my experience I have chosen to mount the VAE casings with a strap which allows rapid assembly and disassembly.

For the most demanding customers regarding their mountain bikes, I provide the 'foam' option for the diagonal tube protections. It is hot thermoformed under vacuum, surface sanded once cooled and hot thermoformed under vacuum with polyethylene. This material combined with plastic has the advantage of filtering impacts (very important for carbon frames), reducing impact noise (steel and aluminum frames) and limiting the accumulation of dust or soil.

It is possible to arrange an appointment depending on your geographic area for a new model that does not exist on the site. The price does not change, there is no supplement to be expected.

Each year it is also possible to plan a meeting on the ROC d’Azur for my most distant clients.

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The products are manufactured on demand following your choice of color and thickness. Packages are shipped in less than a week.
The shipping method is tracked Colissimo, delivered without signature within 48 hours. The products are transported in bubble wrap.

A professional career serving a passion for cycling

In my job, I work with leather, carbon composites, aluminum, iron. I master vacuum resin techniques, aesthetic foam modeling of legs and arms and vacuum heat plastic with transfers as a finish. It's this technique that I first used to make mountain bike frame protectors for my friends... hence the name, quite simply. "