Our enterprise

Antoine FERNANDEZ tells himself:

My experiences both in the woodworking industry (carpenter, cabinetmaker, sculptor) and in orthopedics enabled me to invent tailor-made protection for mountain biking in 2008. My choice on the materials used in my achievements is strategic. On the one hand, it is clearly oriented to satisfy my customers in the long term, and on the other hand to make an eco-citizen gesture for the planet. My practice in the various disciplines of mountain biking allows me to be relevant in the way I design my products. For 3 years, the VAE has challenged me to design new products, including the EAP concept which for carbon, steel and aluminum frames and for the VAE improves PROTECTION. I am driven by your projects, so do not hesitate to contact me for your projects other than mountain biking ...


"In my profession, I work with leather, resin composites (carbon), aluminum, iron. I master vacuum resin techniques, foam modeling, hot vacuum plastic with transfers as a finish. It is this technique that I first used to make mountain bike frame protectors for my friends ... hence the name, quite simply. "