Terms of use

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It is very important, if in doubt, or if the model or the size or the year are not on the site to contact me. Indeed, some customers try to buy a product that does not match their model and then the adaptation may be wrong. My manufacture is homemade and on demand there is no exchange or recovery in case of bad order:

Rule n ° 1

Check the compatibility of your bike with the chosen product: make, model, year, size of frame, wheel, material (aluminum, carbon, steel, titanium) if there is any doubt please contact us for confirmation

Rule n ° 2

If there is any doubt, do not hesitate to ask contact@amygos.fr

Rule n ° 3

Specify when ordering the thickness of the protection,If the model or the size of (frame, wheel, material, carbon, aluminum, steel) is not on the site, please contact us by mail to try to find a solution if possible

Rule n ° 4

No refund or exchange will be made in case of non-compliance with one of these rules.


Grouped orders

Free shipping for any group order of a minimum quantity of:

- 5 pieces with the sending in France with payment by check

- 8 pieces for sending to Europe with PayPal payment